Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Time Passes On

Time is passing by so quickly.   My blogging has pretty much ground to a stop with the discovery of Instagram.   Everything is so instant these days.   It has its good and bad.   The bad is it seems to have given me attention deficit, LOL!   Which in turn has made my blogging a bit lacking.

So what’s happening?  Life.  Working, home, family, and friends.   Not necessarily in that order.   I have picked up my cross stitching.   It’s been years!  Above is a little Santa I am working on.  

Check this fella out!!!  I stitched him on perforated paper.   I am a bit addicted to this perforated paper.   You stitch, then cut it out and hang it up.   My projects have been small because I can get them done and feel fabulous about my accomplishments.  LOL.

For those that have sent me messages asking how I am doing, all is well.   Phoebe is doing great.   She is now the senior dog in the family.  :(  I wish they would stay puppies!  My mom has been diagnosed with lymphoma.   We are still going through testing to see exactly what kind she has and get her on a treatment plan.   Please add her to your prayer lists!!  

It is my every intention to get back on my blog.   I know that I do enjoy it and it is fun to post all my creativity, which in turn causes more creativity.   Is anyone using an app to post to their blog?   I would be interested in knowing.  Anything to make posting easier is a plus in my book.

Phoebe says a big hello to everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I am still here.

Hello everyone!  Yes we are still here doing our thing!

I hope to get back to posting soon!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

I Love To Thrift!

I made a few awesome scores thrifting this week!!!  Like this awesome yarn bowl.  Goodwill $4

It inspired me to do a little organizing.  My craft room is a wreck.  A snow day allowed me to get in there and clean up a bit.  I would love to empty it out and paint the walls.  Maybe this spring.   

Here is another thrift store find!!  It made me happy for a couple of dollars!!!   I love the ball of ribbon yarn.  It reminds me of peacock feathers and of course, I can't resist a vintage owl!!!

Except for the weather it was a pretty good week.  It is so cold here.  There is still a lot of snow on the ground! 

I have a scarf on the needles that should get finished up this week.  

Here is my angel painting I spoke about in my last post.   I am a bit proud of it!  I have two more blank canvases waiting for me to paint...I just can't seem to get to them.  I enjoy painting Angels because I can use so many colors.  It is time well spent and so good for my brain!  

I am out of here for now!  Everyone have a great week!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I'm Here!!!

I have been away for awhile.  So much has been going on.  I didn't want to get online and complain about life, so I took a break.  

Brad's mom had gotten very sick right around Thanksgiving.  We lost her January 19th.   My emotions have been mixed for not wanting her to go and knowing she is in a much better place and in no pain.  One of the sweetest moments was when packing up her things and finding one of my little crocheted owls in her purse.  It was like she left it there for me to find.

Cancer is so cruel.  

So, now....I am back.  I ran across some little grannies I had crocheted in a drawer, so I thought I would share them for some hooky inspiration!!!!

I am really liking grannies in tiny frames!!!  I have one on the windowsill in the kitchen, and it makes me smile when I am at the sink.  

Check out this tiny box!!  It belonged to Brad's mom.  I absolutely love it.  

This is so tiny and so Vintage-y I can't stand it.  The tiny photo is one Brad's mom had in her room of her and her father.  It is also in the windowsill in the kitchen.  I could not stand the thought of sticking it in a box.  We need these reminders of our past around us. I feel like it keeps us connected.  

I have been doing some knitting, mostly socks, some painting to.  I actually did a little canvas!!!!  Now talk about therapy, picking up a paint brush and a blank canvas is awesome.  I will try to get a picture of my little painting posted.  I have also done quite a bit of thrift store therapy!!  

Phoebe is doing just fine and has been a little snuggle bunny!!!  Winter is still here, so we spend most of our time side by side while I am knitting!

Love to All!



Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stuff I have been knitting

How cute are these!!!  There is a pattern on ravelry for these.  http://ooobabyknits.typepad.com/ooo_baby_knits/2005/02/mindless_knitti.html  they are extremely easy and fast to knit up.  I had decided I wanted to work it up on double points so there is no seaming, just because that's how I roll.  I like that seamless look!!!

Here is the pattern I came up with.

Cast on 34 and slide your stitches onto three couple point needles.  

Round 1 - purl around
Round 2 - knit around
(Continue this until you have 12 rows or 6 garter stitch ridges.

Round 13 - knit 13, knit two together, knit 4, ssk, knit 13
Round 14 - knit 12' knit 2 together, knit 4, ssk, knit 12
(Continue this until you have 20 stitches)

Work 12 rounds of kn2, p2 ribbing.

Bind off and weave in.

Seam the opening on the sole of the Bootie.  

I used a size 6 needles for these booties.

I think they are so cute and easy.  It is my standard go to baby gift Bootie.  New mommies are always totally giddy getting these!!  You can easily whip up a pair of these within an evening.

Things are pretty quiet here.  I have been busy with some little projects around the house I want to get done before Fall.  Phoebe has had a rough week.  I think it is her back.  She seems to be feeling better now, but I am keeping my eye on her.  

She had a steroid shot because she was scratching so bad.  It does not agree with her at all!  Once we got home I noticed the thirst and the peeing.  She was not eating and she was panting some of the time.  Her appetite is now back and the pantng has stopped, but she is not jumping up onto the ottoman or sofa like she normally does.  I am keeping my watchful, protective eye on her!!!

Before I sign off let me share the cuffs Inhave been working on.

Pretty!!!  It is a Knitty.com freebie.  It is called Twisted!  I love the name!  
I love the buttons with the yarn!

It is the perfect little project for those pretty bits of sock yarn.  And of course awesome buttons!  

I have also been knitting some boot cuffs, but I will save those for another day.  

Bye for now!!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Through the Woods Hood is Complete!

I finished my hood!!!!  I LERV, LERV, LERV it!!!  It will keep me warm this winter as I am walking into work.  I work downtown, and it is always windier and colder walking in to work in the morn,  it is a little bit of a hike from the parking lot to the building, so this will come in handy!!

And I know everyone at work will be envious of my Hood, too!!!  Bonus!!!!  LOL

I had these pottery buttons I picked up years ago at a farmers market, they were perfect!  For anyone wanting the pattern you can find it here.  http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/through-the-woods-2
I enjoyed working on the cables and love how they came out.  

Here is a close up of the buttons.  

And you can see how pretty it is from the side and the back.  

It is so fun to do a little selfish knitting, especially with fall on the way.  I am eager for it to get here.   It is extremely hot and muggy here.  And the locusts are so loud!  But I can see a little change in some of the trees, some have a tiny hint of color in them.  

I will leave you with a sweet picture of Phoebe.  Yes, she is as sweet as she looks!!

Bye for now!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Crochet Eye Candy

Whispers Shawl is finished!  I must say this has been one of my favorite crochet projects.  I credit it to the yarn and the simple pattern.  The pattern is a $4.50 download on Ravelry.  Quite the bargain if you ask me! 
I used 2 balls Chroma Fingering Weight in the color Roller Skate for the shawl, and crocheted it with a Size E Hook. 
Here is more eye-candy.


Phoebe also gave her stamp of approval! 

I have already started a new knitting project, which is working up very fast, so maybe I will have another post in a few days!!

Bye for now!